​Nylon Products

6200 Series

  • Abrasion resistance up to 412°F
  • Resistant to grease, oils and chemicals
  • Gas and aroma barrier
  • Cook-chill bags, food processing casings
  • * See KNF CRP for clean, sterilization and Ultraclean™ applications

6400 Series

  • High heat resistance with temperatures up to 450°F
  • High moisture permeability
  • Food processing, home & institutional oven cooking bags, panliners and food casings,
  • Composite vacuum bagging & circuit board applications
  • Dry heat or steam autoclaves for medical/dental packaging

6500 Series

  • High level / high heat deflection temperature
  • Solvent recovery still liner
  • Higher Heat resistance to 480°F for cooking applications, food grade material
  • composite curing applications
  • Dry heat autoclaves.


3100 Series

  • Round seal ( half-moon seal) high heat, durable
  • Used in the turkey industry

Additional Nylon Products

  • FRESHylon Produce, herb and hemp breathable, microperferated bags
  • NP6000 Nylon/Poly coextrusion 3.0 mil
  • NP7000 Nylon/Poly lamination 3.0 mil

Nylon Material Applications

Aerospace: Kenylon and Kenclave film products are used because of their cleanliness and heat stability characteristics. Sensitive instruments are protected by clear, clean, strong Kenylon film, bags and tubing.

Chemical Packaging: Kenylon is an excellent aroma and gas barrier used to package pesticides, fertilizers, fragrances and chemicals. Resistant to grease, oil, fats, mineral acids, styrene, formic acid and alkaline materials.

Clean Rooms: Kenylon bags are produced from lay-flat tubing to insure no dirt or debris gets
inside of bag. Nylon is stronger, tougher and more abrasion resistance has good heat stability gas and oxygen barrier, grease and oil resistance.

Dental, Medical, Laboratory: Kenclave films functions as a barrier to bacteria and dirt when sterilizing instruments. Autoclave bags and tubing are heat stabilized and permeable to water.

Disposable Hot Air Ducts: Kenylon film tubing is light weight, easy to handle and dispose, also an inexpensive way to duct hot air and chemical vapors.

Electronics: Clean Anti-Static bags are used to protect circuits from static electricity. The abrasion resistance prevents pin holes to insure expensive electronic components are not ruined.

Food Packaging and Processing: Kenylon films are produced from FDA approved materials. Well suited for packaging under nitrogen, carbon dioxide or vacuum. Kenylon has an excellent aroma barrier, resistant to oil and grease. Preferred choice for boil-in-the-bag, cook-chill bags, oven roasting bags and casings. They are unaffected by animal, vegetable or mineral oils and fats.

Retail and Institutional Cooking Bags: Can be used in conventional ovens, microwaves and boiling water. Kenylon’s resistance to heat, grease and oils make it a great choice for poultry, red meats and vegetables cooking which saves cleanup and leaves food moist and tasty. Private label available.

Solvent Recovery Still Liners: Because of Kenylon’s excellent resistance to heat and chemicals, it is the preferred bag for lining solvent recovery sill kettles. After all solvents are cooked off, the residuals are easily disposed of in the convenient Kenylon bag.

Nylon Properties:  Contact Sales Manager for Specifics


Heat Resistance

Gas and Aroma Barrier

High Tensile Strength


Moisture Permeability

Flex Crack Resistance

Grease and Oil Barrier

High Burst Strength

Tear Resistance

Puncture Resistance

 Nylon Products & More

KNF FLEXPAK has been extruding Nylon film in the United States for more than 25 years.

As a custom Manufacturer we can produce, tubing, bags, sheeting and sheet products in the widths and thicknesses to meet your flexible packaging requirements. KNF Nylon features include; superior chemical, heat and abrasion resistance, high gas barrier protection and good water vapor permeability.

Produced for:

  • Solvent Recovery
  • Food Processing & Packaging
  • Panliners
  • Cook-Chill bags
  • Retail and Institutional Cooking Bags
  • Composite​

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