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734 West Penn Pike

Tamaqua, Pennsylvania 18252


Specializing in Ultraclean Film and flexible packaging products. Providing a full spectrum of contamination control services and supplies. We are a complete conversion and manufacturing facility of raw material into Ultraclean film and packaging products covering all industries.

Food Service/Processing:

Suppling bags and liners for high temperature industrial and commercial applications. Our Kenylene and Kenylon Nylon film, bags and flexible packaging are available in stock and custom sizes.

Distillation / Solvent Recovery:

Heat and chemical resistance bags eliminate handling waste material. Ultra high temperature bags and liners are available in custom sizes. 


Modified atmosphere packaging offering laser microperfation technology. Our Herb and Produce bags can extend storage and shelf life while preserving fresh flavor and nutritional value


Manufacturer of Extruded and Converted Poly film and bag products. Offering custom colors, sizes and gauges, shrink pallet covers and shrink film, narrow tubing down to 4 inches, inline bag making and converting.


Heat resistant high temperature Kenylon Films for vacuum bagging products are super strong, resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, abrasive and puncture resistant providing for gas barrier protection.


Manufacturer and distributor of superior burial products including Casket trays and Cryptliners for mausoleum protection.

KNF Corporation Markets

Custom manufacturer of flexible packaging products in the extrusion and converter industry for Nylon and Polyethylene blown film. Specializing in high-temperature Nylon applications: Aerospace/Composite, Clean Packaging, Food Services & Processing, Medical Device/Optical Applications, Nylon & Anti-Static Nylon, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor.

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