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KNF FLEXPAK  Corporation


KNF Clean Room Products Corporation has offered the highest quality clean room packaging for nearly 25 years throughout the United States and Internationally. The Quality Management Systems (QMS) is certified to ISO-9001:2015 by Orion Registrars.  The Ultraclean products themselves are manufactured in ISO-14644 certified Class-5 Clean Rooms and certified to the required product cleanliness levels in an ISO-14644 Class-4 Laboratory.

  • Sterilization Bags

  • Sterilization Bags and Breather Sheets

  • Steriwrap

  • Ultraclean Polypropylene

  • Ultraglove™

KNF Clean Room Products

681 North Delsea Drive,

Vineland, New Jersey 08360

Phone: (856) 691-7100

Fax: (856) 457-5570

KNF Clean Room Products

KNF extrudes the Polyethylene and Nylon virgin resins in house allowing for total control and lot traceability. 

We are a complete conversion and manufacturing facility of raw materials into Ultraclean Film™ and clean flexible packaging products covering all industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Industrial
  • Electrical
  • Medical & Dental

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  • Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Food Service & Processing
  • Semiconductor


  • 1/2 HDPE / 1/2 Tyvek Sterilization Bags
  • Aclar®
  • Breather Tubing
  • Clean Nylon Film
  • FEP
  • HDPE Sterilization Bags

Specializing in Ultraclean Film™ Nylon, FEP, Poly, Aclar, HDPE, Breather Tubing, Polypro Sterilization Packaging, and Steriwrap. KNF CRP has stock and custom bags, sheets, single wound sheeting, centerfold sheeting, tubing, zip lock bags and ultrapure gloves.

Contamination control is now a major concern for most advanced manufacturing technologies. Every day, skin flakes, dandruff, cotton, dust, tobacco smoke, bacteria, viruses, pollen, fungi spores, formaldehyde, water vapor and other contaminants are carried into your facility by your workers, products and packaging materials. Even your facility can be a source of contamination through its ventilation system, flooring and wall coverings, etc.

Microprocessors are devastated by dust. Pharmaceuticals require absolute standards of cleanliness both in sterile processing and in packaging. Medical, aerospace, photographic, optical, data and food processing, precision bearings, laser production – the list of industries requiring contamination-free production facilities lengthens as technology advances.

We invite you to browse through this catalog to learn more about our products and services. Discover how room cleanliness is equated to air changes/hr. and what cleanliness levels represent. Then call to discuss your needs with KNF Clean Room Products, a company committed to providing cost-effective ways to increase productivity and profitability through contamination control.