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​​Pan Liners for Cooking​

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Our nylon and poly bags and liners are used commercially and industrially for processing and packaging food, poultry, produce, and herbs. KNF Corporation is the leading commercial pan liners and cooking bags provider in the country.

Our nylon 6400 series pan liners for cooking are exceptionally designed from quality materials to withstand high heat, resist punctures and cuts, and keep foods sanitary. If you produce items that need to be kept separate from your pan or tray, our liners are the ideal choice.

You can cook, store, and transfer products using our liners with no worries of leaks or melting. With a heat resistance of 450°F, our pan liners and cooking bags can easily be used in microwaves, boiling water, and conventional ovens. Plus, our liners are highly resistant to grease and oils, so problematic overheating or permeation caused by these materials will never occur.

From freezer to oven, your food will retain its moisture, freshness, and flavor, even when heating at high temperatures.

Our pan liners for cooking will help. Whether your consumers are cooking a meal themselves or simply reheating your packaged product, our pan liners and cooking bags are designed to retain liquids to keep your food tasting fresh.

Plus, when you're done with your dish, our liners can be easily removed, taking troublesome wet materials with it. This easy step can increase productivity and sanitation for your company or appeal to your consumers.

Trust KNF Corporation for your company's cooking bags and pan liners for cooking. Our products are manufactured in a class 100 clean environment, so that they are completely sanitary when they reach you. We also pride ourselves on fast deliveries and low costs.Call us today at (570) 386-3550 or email for more detailed information about our pan liners or to place an order for your business.

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